The Goal:

 To place street children with foster families, providing them with livestock and enable them to go to school. Our goal is to rebuild their lives through education and entrepreneurship, so they can become independent individuals.  click to read more or close >>

I am mostly interested in children 14 or older, as it is impossible for them to find a sponsored home or long-term solution, because of their age. Older children need a different kind of attention. They also face more challenges fitting into a mixed age group, especially in the long-term. And as we all know, the chances of older children being adopted are very slim.

I am also interested in supporting Mongolian traditions and ways of life. We aim to place children with families from whom they can learn traditional Mongolian herding, a centuries-old profession that maintains the last intact ecosystem.
The Plan:

With the practical support of the Mongolians, like Ayurzana and Khosoo and their NGO, HUGJLIIN BAYANBURD, Development Oasis, and the financial support from our end here in the States, we can help these children to return to a ‘normal’ life.   click to read more or close >>

To achieve our goal, I will travel to Mongolia twice a year to check on the previously placed kids and to set up 2 to 3 new children per trip with foster families.

Once we paired a child with a foster family, we will provide the child with a set of all season clothing and a complete household that they will bring into the family. We will also provide them with livestock, which will be co-owned in equal shares by the family and the children. The goal for the children is to develop a sense of responsibility and ownership. The profit from the livestock will be split 50/50 with the respective family, since they are the landowner, as well as teacher and a provider and they will supervise their professional progress and care for the animals while the children attend school.

The NGO will open a bank account for each child, in which the profit of the life stock will be deposited. Until the children will turn 18, the NGO will be the sole party with power to access the account.

If either the kids or the foster family fails the other, the NGO will take the share of the failing party and redirect the livestock to other participating children.

The idea is that when they turn 18, they have enough knowledge and savings to decide if they want to continue to work on a farm, purchase their own farm or move back to the city and learn another profession.

If it turns out to be practical, we will provide the children with their own yurt, which makes them independent and allows then to start their own household if they wish to do so.
The Financials:

Support needed per child: $2,350   ($3,850 optional)
$400 - household items, bedding, pots, towels
$350 - clothes
$1200 - livestock (either 2 cows & 1 calf, or 6 sheep & 6 goats)
$200 - livestock transportation
$200 - school fee, school insurance and books
$1500 - yurt (optional)
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Flight to Mongolia: $2,200
*Korean Air generously supported my Jan 2009 trip

How you can help:

Any amount of money, even seemingly small, can effect a lot of change in Mongolia. That’s how I, as an individual with moderate funds, could make such a difference. The reward has been priceless to watch these kids becoming part of a loving family, attending and excelling in school. If you want to help, please donate any amount you can.

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In 2012 and 2013, Jeff Mangum donated a portion of his concert tour to Children of the Blue Sky.

Children of the Blue Sky is featured on The Women’s Eye.

In August 2010, Children Of Blue Sky was featured on Oprah’s Angel Network.

Children of the Blue Sky is a participant in the FJC Fiscal Sponsorship Program, a 501c3 nonprofit organization. As such, all donations made to FJC and designated for Children of the Blue Sky are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

And please feel free to tell others who might be interested as well!

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